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      Gerade "Devilman Crybaby" in einem Rutsch gesehen der Anime - eine adaption eines Mangas aus den 70ern welches viele kommende Mangas/Animes beeinflusst hat (bsp.: Neon Genesis Evangelion) - hat alles...Sex, Blut, Tränen.... seit Neon Genesis Evangelion hat mich kein Anime mehr so Nachdenken lassen. Wer interessiert ist, auf Netflix anschauen.

      I'm a Devilman too!

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      Ich lieb das Intro und das Spiel, Clouded Leopard (die Katze mitm Schlangen Tattoo) ist sooo....daaaaaw <3 x3

      Hands outstretched in front of you can touch the soft hair
      A secret the gods have kept
      White square, the orange ,setting sun
      The days are like a vortex;
      Revolving around and around slowlyAs if to see how bored one gets
      You descended into my world,disrupting my relaxed life
      I have become accustomed to guarding you silently by your side
      Look towards the sky full of clouds, the vast expanse of the blue skies
      Yet incomparable to that day where you gazed at my shocked expression
      Regardless of what the future holds
      I will protect the places where you have been,Staring right into your shadow.